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AHP PLUS s.r.o. is producer of the boring bars of various sizes. The friction welding technique of bar body welding with high noble tools is used. This technique is more advantageous in comparing with the standard welding methods because of:

- very high quality of homogenous weld, the breaking strength of the weld is the same of higer then in the base material
- the same parameters of the repeated welding processes
- effective monitoring of the welding process
- high productivity


Check valve Check valve serves to prevent losses during lavage drilling.       Diameter Check valve SVJ 33 Check valve SVJ 42 D (mm) 50 60 D1 (mm) 23 30 L (mm) 190 190  
Drill pipes Cr 32, 42 and 50 are used for core drilling and acaryote drilling. Boreholes are not very deep. They are mainly used  in mining industry, for exploration and the hydrogeology. Diameters 50, 60 and 70 are used for drilling deep boreholes, max. to the 1300 m deep – depending on the composition of rocks. They serve for nuclear geology. The drilling pipes are connected by screwing of the ends of convolutes. .      Diameter D (mm) L (mm)…
Drilling augers They are used for acaryote drilling to take out a bore dust from the borehole. The drilling augers are equipped with the endings – external and internal hexagonal. Diameters 76 and 85 are finished with squaring. The safety pin is used for assecuration against disconnection of the bars.     Product name D (mm) L (mm) Bearing Tube ø 60 x 7 Drilling Augers with hexagonal joining ø 110 110 1000 Drilling Augers with hexagonal joining ø 190 190…
Emergency tools Emergency podgers and bells are used for elimination accidents in the boreholes. They are made from special steel, heat treated to the required hardness in the core.   Diameter ø 50 ø 60 ø 68 D (mm) 45 50 50 D1 (mm) 50 60 68 d (mm) 15 21 26,8 L (mm) 372 390 350 Pripojovací závit SVJ33 SVJ42 SVJ50        Diameter Bells SVJ 33 Bells SVJ 42 Bells SVJ 50 D (mm) 60 71 88…
Hard metal cutting Hard metal cuttings are equipped with the sintered metal. They are used for core drilling in medium hard rock. This hard metal cutting is attached to the core by right or left convolute, according to the customer wishes. Diameter 175 and more are used for heat-pump drilling and for well boring. Are use drilling core of medium hard and hard rocks.   D (mm) d (mm)  L (mm) Code no. ø 78,5 59 115 Z100008 ø 93…
Trunion Trunion transmits power from the drilling machine to the bars   Product name D (mm) D1 (mm) P (mm) L (mm) Trunion ø 50 50 51 65 235 Trunion ø 60 60 61 70 290  

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