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Policy of quality

The AHP PLUS s.r.o. company has implemented and maintained the quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 as a tool for the permanent improving of quality and processes for the benefit of all the stakeholders, customers, employees and suppliers.

The main aim of the company is a maximum focus on its customers during the overall process of the functioning  of company, the systematic care for product quality, to meet the needs of customers, and to provide a pleasant working environment and conditions for its employees. The company declares this aim in its quality policy.



Quality control

The quality is of major relevance for AHP PLUS s.r.o. The quality assurance is applied during the overall manufacturing process in three stages – entry check, inter-operational check and check-out.

The 3D coordinate measuring devices ZEISS PRISMO 7 and WENZEL LH 87 are used for the 3D dimensional check. The measurement of surface-roughness is performed with MAHR M4Pi device and hardness measurement with ROCKWELL RAPID RR – IV a BRINELL Vickershärte HV 10.












Latest news

AHP HYDRAULIKA, a.s. invested 6.5 million euros in new technologies and production lines for the manufacture of assemblies of the piston - spare part for our hydraulic units.

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