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Employee Care

The purpose of employer´s care for its employees is to create a permanently positive working environment motivating the employees to work as efficiently as possible. The care focused on the employees is useful and produces not only positive results in top performances, but also satisfied employees. We emphasize professional education and further education for all the career and age groups of employees. Our continuing education programmes for our employees represent the only possible way how to ensure creative employees who are able to work in modern society successfully, to think creatively, to communicate effectively, to understand yourself and the problems of company, and to solve conflicts.  The employer takes care of skills training of employees.

Every employee is included into the company´s system of education. When working the plan  of further education for every employee, his/her individuality and professional growth are taken into account, and the plan also includes the qualification and professional growth of relevant employee. The aim of employee care is to appreciate work, loyalty and to create conditions for motivation and employee stability. We focus on working environment, occupational health and safety, keeping the documentation, the organisation of controls, the issues such as working hours and working regime, and so on. 

We ensure for our employees:

- food and if a shift lasts longer than 11 hours, we ensure two meals;

- participation in supplementary pension insurance;

- basic and periodic trainings in accordance with legislation that are prerequisites for the performance of some activities;

- professional education focused on updating the knowledge of technological processes and on new trends  in this sphere;

- occupational footwear and clothing;

- preventive medical examinations with respect to occupational health and safety.


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