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Adaptation center

Our company devote much attention to new employees from the point of view of management as well as the effective use of human capital. Any new employee should be given some time to bed in, which decreases the risk of employee fluctuation.

We have introduced a complex and controlled process of familiarising oneself with our company, work assignments and style, technology, the company´s specific regulations and any other regulations and working conditions.

Every new employee fully acquaints himself with working environment, working conditions and requirements, safety regulations, working and technological procedures, because all these influence the quality of work.

The immediate supervisor introduces any new employee to other employees or to his close fellow-workers. As the new employees have to be trained, a senior instructor will implement individual guidance and coaching towards new working environment.

The aim of this adaptation process is to achieve abilities for work performance and to assist the new employee to become a member of the team. 


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